The Pasig River, Manila


In August, my son and I visited some places in Manila. We explored the downtown. But as usual, the traffic in the metro was terrible and unbearable. Buses and trains were crowded. If we had enough time, it wouldn’t bother us at all. But our time was very limited, we couldn’t afford to waste 3-4 hours in a traffic jam. I had to find another option. I paused for a while and sipped some coconut juice we bought on the street. After a couple of minutes, along with the sweat that trickled down on my face, the idea came out. Our last option was the hustle free and a much convenient Pasig River boats.

What is Pasig River?

Pasig River or Río Pásig in Spanish is a river that connects Laguna de Bay to Manila Bay. This river is 25 kilometres (15.5 mi) long and it bisects the Philippine capital of Manila and its surrounding urban areas into northern and southern halves.

During the Spanish Era, Pasig River was an important transport route and source of water for Spanish Manila. Unfortunately, due to negligence and industrial development, the river has become very polluted and is now considered dead by ecologists. 

Pasig 5
Pasig 2
Pasig 1
In Metro Manila, it is very common to see people living under the bridge. Some people live on the street without any cover or shade to protect themselves when the rain occurs.
Pasig 3

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