Yame Tea Garden, Yame City, Japan





In Japan, tea and the country itself have been linked to each other for over 1300 years. Tea was an important component in Buddhist rituals. It was regarded as a drink that cleansed the spirit and helped achieve a high degree of mental concentration. Japanese people began drinking tea through the Zen temple rites, and in due course the general public started enjoying tea to enjoy its rich flavor and medicinal effects in tea houses and at home. The tradition was later on adopted by the elite classes and became an essential part of daily lives of Japanese people.
Because of its health benefits, tea is becoming more and more popular in Japan. In Japanese homes, tea is usually enjoyed after dinner to refresh the palate, for hygienic purposes, to balance out the sweetness of desserts, or as a way to relax for a few moments. It is also commonly served to visitors. Besides, pampering oneself with a cup of delicious tea or partaking in a tea ceremony is the best form of the enjoyment here in Japan both for locals and for foreign people staying or visiting Japan.
Yame Tea Gardens Access
By car,
From Route 3, turn east at the Yoshida intersection. Then turn left at the Yame Chuo Daichaen sign and go up the small winding road to the top of the hill. 375-2 Daijinomoto. 9 am-5pm; closed 1st & 3rd Sun • 0943-22-6359

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