New Year in Saga City, Japan


When I was a kid, I really had to get up before midnight to welcome the coming new year. It has been a long tradition. I could not afford to sleep and miss the new year’s eve. It was funny, but everyone in my neighborhood believed that a kid, who sleeps on the new year’s eve and doesn’t jump or stretch his whole body would never grow up.

Well, I realized that I was just one of the million kids in the Philippines who once believed in that kind of superstition.

Here comes 2015.

Last night, I had a wonderful new year experience here in Saga City, Japan. The city has its own unique new year countdown. They brought the old cannon in the middle of the park and had it ready before midnight. The night was so cold and freezing, but I was so excited for it was my first time to see a real cannon. I couldn’t wait, I kept on checking my watch. At about 11:59, the announcer grabbed the microphone and started to count from 10 down to 0. And then… Bang!  WOW! The big explosion was heard all over the city. People in the park applauded and yelled out loud.  They were shouting “Akemashite Omedito Gozaimasu” which means, “Happy New Year”.

What a wonderful new year.




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