My summer vacation


Where did I go last summer?

I’ve been here in Japan for a while, so I decided to bring my family to my hometown in the Philippines last summer. It’s one of the best summer vacations I’ve ever had…


Beautiful – the only word I know to describe my little hometown. Though this town was severely damaged by the deadly typhoon few months ago, life is now getting back to normal in this small neighborhood. This town has recovered from the tragedy. I always have peace of mind and happiness in this place. Whatever happens I would never ever forsake this place, I will definitely come back here before my hair turns to gray.

DPP_0032 (2)

DPP_0006 (4)

My son, the boy on the right, meets his cousins for the first time.


Community outreach – my wife teaches Origami at the public elementary school.


DPP_0019 (4)

The survivors – these fishing boats stood up against the storm. They are very fortunate that the typhoon did not destroy them all.


Relief operations – some of my friends in Japan donated some used clothes. During our short visit in my hometown we distributed all these stuffs to the people.




The smiles in her face are true and priceless. She was just so happy to receive some packs of used clothes. She’s mute, but using her hands and body gestures she told us that she was so happy on that day.


This area used to be a mangrove forest, but it’s now a commercial pond. Development destroys nature…


Dried fish – people’s primary source of income in this town.


Motor bike

I was planning to go to the Island and bring my family out there for a picnic, but the weather did not allow us at all. Instead, we roamed around the town using a motor bike.


4 thoughts on “My summer vacation

  1. Fantastic homecoming ~ both in the eyes of the people in the photographs but also in your writing and longing for your homeland. Great post, take care in ’15. Cheers!

  2. very fruitful vacation, indeed, with your son meeting his cousins for the first time….also, nice of you to record your trip…seeing your photos made me miss my hometown, too….

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