Tenzan (天山), Saga Prefecture, Japan

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As far as I can remember, the  last time I climb a mountain was in 2010. I climbed South Korea’s Mt. Neajang. This year, if God permits, I am going to climb the world-famous Mt. Fuji of Japan. But considering the fact that Mt.Fuji is 3,776 m high, I should really have to prepare my self physically and mentally.  So on my 35th birthday, I decided to climb Mt. Ten, locally known as Tenzan.


Tenzan(1,046 m), the second highest peak in Saga Prefecture.

IMG_8135   IMG_8130



Ogi City


IMG_8120Here’s what I saw at the top of Mt.Tenzan. Some climbers kneeled down and whispered a prayer in front of this structure. 

IMG_8118   This sign encourages the climbers to take extra care to protect the Mountain from fire and other possible harms.


IMG_8078 Climbers on their way down.


Nothing is impossible to this father and daughter tandem. They believed they could, and they made it!  This guy climbed Tenzan with his daughter comfortably clinging on his back.




Youtube Video courtesy of monkist’s channel


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