The smallest park in Japan


The Smallest Park in Japan

By: Mark I. Quijano

I had no idea where to go. So, I  opened my computer and started surfing the web. An article with a photo of a small park caught my attention. It looked really interesting because of its size. This park is the smallest park in Japan. Can you imagine how big this park is?

With about 10 square meters wide, a single wooden bench and a palm tree planted on it,  no doubts that this park is the smallest park in Japan. 

Below is our family photo.  The sign written in Japanese says ” The smallest park in Japan”.


All About our trip

The park was located in the Island and no bridge connecting the Island to the mainland. We had to take a ferry. From the port we headed to the eastern side of the Island. After a short drive, we found the park.

Filled with so much excitement, I parked the car, grabbed the camera and got off the car. The place was so quiet and I haven’t seen anyone moving around.

While in the park , I and my little boy played our favorite sport, soccer. After a while, our stomach started to crumble so we ate our (obento )lunch. We spent about 2 hours in the park. We really had a wonderful time together on that very day.

The Island

Aside from the park, Matsushima (Matsu Island) has many interesting things to offer . We were amazed by the beautiful rock formations, crystal clear water and red sand beaches in this Island. The Islanders live in a small village without any convenience stores and public markets.







The Island is not so far away from the mainland, but there’s no available bridge. Can you imagine the inconvenience of living in an isolated place like this?  Look at the Islanders, they are also dreaming for a bridge. I hope the Japanese government will soon grant their request.


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