3 most important events in our lifetime

Life must go on

Our life is full of important and memorable events, but there are only 3 events that we genuinely treasure the most.


This is the day that our relatives, neighbors, family, and friends come to our house/hospital to see us for the first time.They are just so excited. Everybody wants to see us, know how big or great we are, see what our color is and so on. Try to ask your mom, maybe she can tell you more about the people who have visited you on your first day here on earth.

Wedding day

No one wishes to overlook this very important event. Everybody knows that this event is special, and it will never happen again, unless, we divorce and marry another woman. On our wedding day, most of the people are definitely waiting for the minister to say, “You may now kiss the bride”. Do you think so? The good thing here is, everyone comes over with a gift and wishes intended just for the bride and the groom. Just like the day of our birth, people come, take photos and post them on Twitter and Facebook.


Life usually comes and goes like feathers in the wind. We’re now on the last page, it’s time to say goodbye to everyone, time to leave our happy and wonderful experiences here on earth. We are going to lay down breathless. This is now the closing ceremony of our long journey here on earth. So what happens? Most of our friends and loved ones would rather come to say goodbye and get a last glimpse of us before we finally go 6 feet under the ground. Some people may start weeping. However, we cannot hear their lamentations and all the good words delivered by our brothers in their eulogy. At least, on the day of our funeral, people remember all the good deeds we have done here on earth.

Life is so short. It’s like a flower, it can die and fade at any time.

Nothing is more certain than death. Ironically, many of us don’t really prepare for it. 


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