If you have one million dollars, how are you going to use this money?

Life must go on


These kids are climbing a greasy bamboo pole to get a small amount of money placed at the top of the pole. 


“If you have one million dollars, how are you going to use this money?”
I asked some people from different places using the same question. Here are their answers.
1. My neighbor in the Philippines 
Question: If you have one million dollars, how are you going to use this money?

Answer: “I‘ll buy a piece of land and build a good house, 5 Jeepneys (the most popular public transportation vehicle in the Philippines) and I’ll open 3 grocery stores. I will buy cell phones for my parents and 2 motorbikes for my brothers. My sister wants to open a Sari-sari store (a mini-grocery store in the village), maybe I will give her cash to open a store. And for myself, I will go to the shopping mall and buy some clothes, bags, jewelry and eat some foods at the restaurant once in a while. If I still have enough money, I will deposit it in the bank.

 2. My middle school student in Korea

“I will travel to Europe, America, Australia and Canada with my parents. I want to bring my friends, too. I like gadgets so I think I’ll buy phones and tablets. I want to buy a good car, too. And lastly, I will buy tickets for the soccer world cup and watch the games with my friends.

3. A young man I’ve met in Macau

“My father works in a casino here Macau. He is always busy and we don’t have enough time to talk and play together. If I have a Million dollars, I will give it to him and I will ask him to retire early. I want to study abroad.

4. A college student and a good friend of mine from Hongkong

“I am studying now and I want to become a police officer here in Hongkong. We have two apartment units. My father bought these units a couple of years ago, but we are not using the other one. I think I don’t need to buy another apartment unit in the future. So I want to use my money to open a business. I really need a lot of money because space rentals are pretty expensive here in Hongkong. I would also like to travel. I’ve been to other countries, but I want to travel more if I have enough money”, he added.

 5. A faithful missionary from Uganda

“I will return my tithes and give my offering to the church and pray to God for wisdom and guidance so I would know how to use the remaining 85%, either by donating it to God’s greater mission or doing the mission by myself. My dream is to open a University which is a center of the Great Commission in my village. So with One Million Dollars, I will build a school, hire Christian educators and make it like the school of the prophets”.

6. A retired Japanese teacher, 85 years old and currently attending my English class.

“I am old now, but I want to live longer. I want to live for at least 10 years or more. I want to watch the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. I don’t need so much money. I have monthly pensions, car and a house to live in until I die. So if I have 1 million dollars in my hand right now, I think I will travel all over Japan. I haven’t been to many places when I was younger because I was so busy with my job. So I want to visit other countries while I am alive. My children are all married, I am not worried about them anymore. So maybe I will just travel and keep my outstanding money in the bank.

 7. An active Church member and a gospel singer from the Philippines

“If I have one million dollars, I will build churches. I will buy vans and sound equipment for the church. I think I’ll quit my job. I just want to sing and visit Churches every Sabbath. I will sing for the Lord as long as I live.

8. My friend from Africa

“I want to invest my money in business. Giving some money to the poor is also a good idea, but it’s hard to find someone we can trust today. Maybe our money will just go in vain”, he exclaimed.

9. A street kid I’ve met in Manila.
Question: If you have one million dollars, how are you going to use this money?

Answer: I’m sorry, sir. I don’t know exactly if one million dollars is a big money or not. I haven’t seen like that before. Is one million dollars a big money, as much as 10,000 pesos?, she asked. I just smiled. This kid had no idea about the amount of money I was talking about.  After I clarified the question and explained a bit, she finally got a little idea. She looked at me and said, “I want to eat fried chickens and spaghetti every day. Off course, my friends are also hungry, I will give them foods. I cannot buy the foods I really like right now because I don’t have money”she added.

Out of my curiosity, I asked her about her daily foods and she said, “I come here every day and wait for some left over foods thrown in the garbage bag and eat them”, she answered. I was very sorry; I thought I asked the wrong question. Before we end the conversation, she told me about the most important thing she really wants to do if she gets some money, “If I have some money, I want to go to school”. It was her last and final answer. We really had a wonderful conversation and I was so thankful to this kid. I wanted to buy her some foods to express my gratitude, and at least, fulfill her simple wish for at least once, but she left right away.

We’ve heard their answers. The world wants to hear yours.
Note: Above are the responses I have received from the Interviews I’ve carefully done. I published this blog to let the world know how these people want to spend one million dollars if they hold it in their hands.Though I’ve encountered some challenges making these interviews possible, everything went well. Thanks again to all who responded. I am so grateful. In fact, I don’t know how to express my thanks to all of you for helping me out.

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