Beauties of Japan!

Culture, Foods, Nature, Travel


Kobe City

Luminaire is one of the best  attractions in this beautiful city. Thousands of people from different places visit this event every year. 

faces of amami


Amami Islands

Located in the southern part of  Japan, Amami Islands or ( Amami Oshima) in Japanese, are widely known for their earthenware  products.  They started making it 6,000 years ago.


yamagata 3

  Yamagata 1

yamagata 2

Yamagata City.

I am showing you the things that attracted my attention while I was on my trip to Yamagata. They have these wonderful night views, classic Cadillac, natural parks and many more. And I know there are more wonderful things to discover in this place. 

Tokyo 2

I met these lovely dogs while I was taking a walk at Mizumoto Park, Tokyo

Tokyo 1

Aside from the famous sky tree tower and the busy streets of Shibuya, you may also visit some parks and shrines within the capital.




If you are in Tokyo, don’t forget to visit Asakusa Temple. This is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Tokyo.

hokkaido 2

hokkaido 3

hokkaido 4








At the north, I visited Kushiro and other parts of Hokkaido.

hokkaido 1My birthday cake, my first ever birthday celebration in Hokkaido, Japan.


Located at the northern tip of Japan, this place can give you a wonderful experience. An experience that you will never forget. Try their foods and delicious products. Explore the nature by visiting several active volcanoes, hot springs, natural parks, and green pastures. There are also some museums and parks in this area.


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